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David and Kelly Zuercher                               
Trumpet Lessons
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David Zuercher offers custom-tailored instruction with an emphasis on tone production. Many outstanding teachers, including Arnold Jacobs (Principal Tubist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, 1944-1988) have contributed to David Zuercher's ability to help students overcome performance issues and reach their highest potential as musicians.  Years of experience as an orchestral musician and teacher combine with contagious enthusiasm and love of music to position David Zuercher as an outstanding trumpet pedagogue. 

Lessons are offered in-studio.

Virtual lessons are also available.  See www.davidzuercher.com for more information. 

​Click button on the left for 1-hour lesson and button on the right for 30-minute lesson.
Each lesson is tailored to meet the specific needs of the student.  
With over thirty years' experience as concert performers and teachers, David and Kelly Zuercher offer a specialized approach in private trumpet and piano lessons, helping students of all ages and abilities.
Kelly Zuercher brings the best of two musical worlds to her students.  As a classically-trained pianist, she encourages and guides students to reach their musical goals, whether it be performing in the concert hall or simply attaining a newfound sense of personal satisfaction in piano playing.  Additionally, having performed nationwide as part of a piano-trumpet duo with her husband, David Zuercher, she also offers interested students training in improvisation, arranging, composition, and accompanying. 

Lessons are offered in-studio. 

Click button on the left for 1-hour lesson and button on the right for 30-minute lesson.
If you have any questions about scheduling a private lesson, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to get back in touch, and we look forward to working with you!

Trumpet Lesson, 1 hour
Trumpet Lesson, 30 minutes
Piano Lesson, 1 hour
Piano Lesson, 30 minutes